NablaFlow is looking for a Social Media Content Creator!

Setting up the social media environment for a tech start-up can be exciting. Are you ready to help us out?

NablaFlow's invitation card for the available position, inspired by Squid Games. No worries, no one will die.

Welcome to NablaFlow! If you landed on this page, you must be either a big Netflix fan with some weird behavioral inclinations or a young digital marketer looking for a job opportunity. Unfortunately for the first category, NablaFlow has no intention to kill anyone's life. As you can understand looking around on our website, we are a newborn start-up in the technological industry. We work with simulations in high performance sports, urban environment, surfing, and wind energy and we might have a proposition for those of you who are interested.

One of the simulations we are running at NablaFlow.
SImulation run on a cyclist to analyse the drag force

At the moment, looking ahead to a proper market entrance, we have decided to set up and define the possible best digital marketing tools that the company should use to reach out to its customers. Most of us have literally no idea of what strategy would be best to follow, nor have the time to focus on posts. For these reasons, we would like to meet with someone who knows the topic and has time to spend with us. The idea is to draw the best strategy based on NablaFlow's brand identity and core values and find the best way to communicate through different Social Media.

Our baby-social media pages: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

As you can see, we are signed in Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, but there is a lot of space for improvement. For the candidate, this translates to an opportunity to test yourself in a working environment without being worried about making a mistake. Moreover, we think we are a good team of international people who like to have fun together, experimenting with new activities.
Working with us means also working with our partners which include: INEOS grenadiers, Nordic edge, Pinarello, Holon Arkitekter, Helen&Hard, and Olympiatoppen among the others.

Part of NablaFlow Team surfing together in Stavanger.
Stationary simulation of a surfboard planning on water

Does it sound interesting? Do not hesitate to contact us via email (preferred), writing a bit about yourself, and we will be right back at you with more information. We are open to different kinds of collaborations depending on your availability.
We hope to hear from you, soon!

NablaFlow Team

Simulation of a skier elaborated by Knut Erik T. Giljarhus
Frame of a wind simulation around buildings